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Our Story

Welcome to Yok Yor. We trust that you will enjoy the flavours of Thailand’s eldest traditions of authentic food preparation.


Yok Yor was found in Bangkok, the year was 1982. Wanpen Phungsamphan and Watcharin Budtong envisioned a restaurant that would deliver the finest of spices and flavours to each dish that had been passed down through the generations of the family. Thailand is renowned internationally for its attention to detail with even the subtlest of flavours combined with the richest of spices and fresh produce to create outstanding dishes. Yok Yor has replicated the enthusiasm for the perfection of Thai cuisine on Campbell Street, Sydney.


Head chef and co-owner Sittichai Pingsumpant has over 18 years’ experience within the fine art of Thai food preparation. Sittichai was inspired by his families relentless pursuit of not simply preparing food, but preparing a dish that replicated the rich history of Thai cuisine.


“Each dish is created with the influence of traditions passed down through my families passion for authentic Thai food.”Sitthichai Pingsumpant

Assistant Head Chef and co-owner Mek Phungsamphan shares the passion and respect of Thai cuisine. Specializing in traditions yet also experimenting with modern techniques, Mek has established a reputation for attention to detail with flavours and presentation of each and every dish.


“Cooking is not just about putting food on a plate. Experience, attention to detail and passion is what creates an outstanding array of culinary delight for each guest at Yok Yor.” 

Mek Phungsamphan

Please do not hesitate to ask our friendly and experienced staff for any assistance or recommendations that may intrigue you. Once again welcome to Yok Yor, our passion is your passion for authentic Thai cuisine.

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